Love Yourself: Affirmations


    The first step to a better life is to love yourself unconditionally.

    How others love you is a reflection of how you love yourself. Furthermore, you attract into your life what you feel you deserve. Be careful that you prioritize unconditional self-love towards yourself.

    How can you expect positive opportunities to be attracted to you if you don't even see yourself positively? How can you be upset with how others treat you if you are treating yourself similarly?

    Love yourself in a high-quality manner. Love yourself so much that you repel people who do not love themselves, which prevents you from surrounding yourself with people who will not love you.

    Look at yourself in the mirror today and think of how you can love yourself better; this is step one to establishing and building loving, genuine, joyous, and enriching relationships with others and also a quality lifestyle for yourself. It starts with you.

    "Love Yourself: Affirmations" is Book 7 in the Post-Incarceration Series that Destiny S. Harris created to give back to those affected by the correctional system.



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