From Pain & Poverty to the Princess


    Quickly learn how to process, forgive, and bring strength, hope, healing, and happiness to your life when going through a life challenge or experiencing an abusive situation. This book marks the 3rd edition of "From Pain & Poverty to the Princess."

    "As I started to get into my preteen years, the abuse got worse. There were many nights when I slept outside—in the cold and dark—to avoid getting physically abused by my Mom. It was terrifying to stay out all night long at the young age of eleven. There were sometimes giant cockroaches, rats, and other creepy creatures crawling on the ground; it was an awful experience."

    "There was a time when my mother came into my room in a fierce rage, and she was upset over something small (a pattern) that had been moved out of place. This time she threw everything off my dresser and shattered my glass mirror all over the floor. My mother then picked up a large piece of the broken glass and came towards me with it. I'm thinking to myself, "This can't be happening to me." She then ran after me with the broken glass mirror, as if she intended to cut me with it. However, I was able to avoid injuries from the glass by dodging and running for my life."

    "One day my mother had gotten very angry with me, and she told one of my younger siblings to bring the boiling, hot pot of water from the stove. My sibling was too young to understand why my mother asked for the hot pot of water. Everything seemed to happen so fast at that moment. I did not realize what was about to happen to me, and there was no way out due to being cornered in my bedroom by my Mom. My younger sister handed the hot pot of water to my mother, and my mother angrily threw the hot, scalding water all over my body, burning many parts of my body; this was all I could take of the physical, mental and verbal abuse from my mom. After being splashed with hot water, I was in total shock and pain. All I could think of doing was dashing to the front door to get out of that house of terror. That was strike three for me, and I needed OUT! I was able to finally get around my Mom after I pushed her out of my way because I was in so much pain physically and emotionally."

    "Many times, I dreamed of being beamed up by Scottie of Star Trek, which was my way of mentally escaping the reality of my world."



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