Dealing With The Monday Blues


    Let's face it, sometimes Mondays are absolutely whack. It's a new week, a new day, and it's time to get back to it. The only thing is that our minds and bodies are not always in sync with the responsibilities we need to execute.

    Mondays have become the "Monday Blues" for quite a number of people. What is it about Mondays that brings so many of us down?

    Is it a psychological thing? Is it because we hate our jobs? Is it because the responsibilities we have are overwhelming? Is it because we are unhappy with our lives? Is it because we feel nothing about a new week is exciting?

    Our approach to Mondays can be a magnifying glass of where we are in our lives. Are we excited about the projects we are working on? Are we happy with our relationships and family lives? Are our lives deluged with stress? Are our Mondays too overpacked?

    These are the questions to ask yourself because how we feel about our Mondays is a reflection of how we feel about the rest of our lives.



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