Course: How to Go From 6-Figure Debt to Positive Net Worth


    Course: How to Go From 6-Figure Debt to A Positive Net Worth

    After graduating from college, I had loads of student loans, a car note, and credit debt that accumulated from my transition period (post-grad to entering into the workforce).

    I had a goal to earn 60K in my first gig out of college and ended up making 70K. Shortly after, I was earning six figures. BUT earning six figures doesn't mean your debt will simply disappear. It takes SELF-DISCIPLINE to pay your debt down and build wealth.

    The first step to building wealth is transitioning from being debt-ridden to having a positive net worth. In this e-book course, you will learn exactly the steps you need to take to not only pay down your debt but also to accumulate wealth and have a positive net worth.

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