Course: How I Self-Published My First Book @ Age 11


    Course: How I Self-Published My First Book @ Age 11

    Writing is something I have always done, and I always had a passion for teaching others through written communication. BUT it wasn't until my parents encouraged me to publish my FIRST BOOK that my writing went to another level and was more broadly distributed.

    I self-published my first book @ the age of 11 years old and then went on to publish my second book two years later. My mother helped me comb out all of the details, like printing (Amazon books were not on the radar at the time), and the rest is history.

    Are you someone who has always wondered how or what all the self-publishing process entails? Are you someone that has valuable information to share with others and feel a book would provide you with the perfect platform to do so?

    This e-book course will guide you through the self-publishing process and help you self-publish your first book NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE! Get Started TODAY!



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