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Destiny has been teaching and helping others succeed with their education and careers since 2004. She has also worked in tech ~10 years.


A resume is the number one selling point, outside of networking. If your resume SUCKS or doesn't stand out, you don’t WIN as often.


Jump start your career, TODAY (even in the midst of a pandemic), and create a STELLAR resume.


Destiny S. Harris will be here to guide you through every step to help you succeed in your job search.


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The 12 Reasons You Still Don't Have The Job You Want


Getting that dream job, that transition job, or just the next step job is more than possible for you, and I want to tell you now that you are more than good enough; never lose sight of this fact.


Many reasons (e.g., bias) that a potential employer might say no to you are entirely out of your control. But there are also many reasons an employer can say no to you for easily avoidable reasons (e.g., essential professionalism). 


Focus on ensuring an employer has no reason to say no to you for the preventable reasons. Here in this book, we will discuss 12 reasons you still don't have the job you want.


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