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Oi! I'm Destiny S. Harris, Founder of Blacklisted Library, and I appreciate you dropping in. My mission is to elevate people through my words, actions, habits, and writing.

Writing: I wrote and published my first book @ 11, called "Beauty Secrets For Girls," and my second book, "Don't Wait Until It's Too Late" at 13. I've published thousands of books, which are available across major bookstores, the web, and @ Blacklisted Library.

Travel: I've explored the world, but my favorite places so far are New Zealand and multiple countries throughout the Middle East.

Tech: I started my tech career @ Apple and remain passionate about technology. I have worked in the industry since 2013.

Reading: Books are serious business for me. There is rarely a day that goes by when I'm not reading a book; it's how I elevate.

Minimalism: Since childhood, I've adopted many minimalistic ways of living.

Fitness: I picked up my first weight as a toddler, started weightlifting at 11, and officially joined the gym when I was 14.

Finance: My parents had us read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" @ the dinner table as kids. They also invited a financial advisor into our home when I was 14 to set up my ROTH IRA. I never stopped learning about money and am passionate about investing.

Education: I have four degrees in philosophy, political science, psychology, and women's studies, but I don't encourage people to go to school unless it ties directly into their life mission and goals. Self-education is the most powerful way to elevate and transform your life -- not traditional education.

Animals: I'm a hardcore animal lover and have plenty of dogs.

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